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The Garage

Welcome to The Garage, otherwise known as the home for all the side projects that I'm working on at the moment.

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Untitled_Artwork 6.jpg

Part of the problem of social media is that there is no equivalent to the scientific glassblowers’ sign, or the woodworker’s open door, or Dafna and Jesse’s sandwich boards. On the internet, if you stop speaking: you disappear. And, by corollary: on the internet, you only notice the people who are speaking nonstop.

If you could put on magic internet goggles that enabled you to see through this gnarly selection bias and view the composition of reality fairly, correctly—well, just come walk around Emeryville and West Berkeley. It would look like that! All the tumult of Twitter would shrink into a single weird cafe—just a speck, in an enormous city made up entirely of people quietly working.

Author Robin Sloan on "working with the garage door up" (quote taken from Andy Matuschak's working notes)

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