Hi, I'm Faridah.

Accountant and Writer

  • I grew up wanting to be a scientist.

  • I went to university for a career that wasn't what I expected it to be, but I learned a lot about myself and life. It made me grateful for what I do now.

  • My father was a qualified barrister before he became an accountant, so moving from science to accounting always seemed natural to me. 

  • I qualified as a chartered accountant in late 2020 and trained with one of the Big Four accounting firms.

  • I recently relocated back to the UK with my husband.

  • 2020 has seen me return to my science communication roots. While job hunting, I kept myself busy as a freelance science writer.

  • I've been writing for a long time and used to write / edit work for family and friends for free. I was highly commended for the 2011 Royal Society of Chemistry Bill Bryson Prize for Science Communication.

Ultimately, I enjoy helping people communicate their ideas better - be it directors communicating their financial results to shareholders or a researcher wanting to communicate their findings to the layman.

In 2016, I was torn between pursuing a career in scientific research or chartered accountancy. In 2020, the pandemic made me realise that I didn't have to choose - understanding the numbers is just as important as understanding the science.


If you've made it this far, go watch Prof. Andrew Lo's TEDx talk on how we can use financial engineering to cure cancer.

Other random fun facts:

  • I've caught and eaten piranha before, while volunteering in the Peruvian Amazon.

  • I've solo travelled to 13 countries (my husband insists on adding a disclaimer that I was 'very lucky' nothing happened to me - travel responsibly!).

  • I'm a certified makeup artist and assisted backstage at London Fashion Week in 2016.

  • I'm obsessed with building systems - I write more about this here.