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Professional accountant. Amateur writer and illustrator​.

I grew up wanting to become a scientist and studied Biology at university, but ended up becoming fascinated with business (and the business of science) instead. Nowadays, I work as an advisor in the healthcare and pharma M&A space.

Professionally, I'm a chartered accountant and trained with one of the Big Four accounting firms. Personally, I'm like any other young(ish) adult trying to build a career whilst working on the things that are important to me.

I live in London, England with mhusband.

​This website is my space to show my work and share the things I've learned along the way. If you're looking for my professional profile, it's here. For other queries, feel free to contact me here or via Twitter.


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Can I connect with you on LinkedIn to ask about [x]?

I'm happy for anyone to message me on LinkedIn! You can do so here. However, if we've never worked together before, please briefly introduce yourself in your message or invitation to connect.


How/why did you go from science to accounting?

In terms of 'how' I went from science to accounting, I joined a Big Four accounting firm straight out of university and worked as an audit associate while studying for my ACA qualification. 4 years and 15 exam papers later, I qualified as a chartered accountant. 


In terms of the 'why', that's a longer story.

Halfway through my bachelor's degree, I realised that I wanted to do something other than pure research, and working in a lab wasn't my thing.

The only thing is, once you decide not to become a scientist or researcher, what do you do instead? Some of my friends went into science journalism, some joined startups, some became teachers. 


Some, like yours truly, ended up in accounting & finance. I became more interested in business after interning with a Big Four accounting firm one summer and ended joining their graduate programme after university. The ACA offered me a second chance.


The switch was hard, don't get me wrong. I almost quit the ACA altogether but I'm glad that I stuck with it.  Also, moving from science, or any other subject for that matter, to accounting is actually far more common than people think it is! It's part of the reason why I find the profession so interesting.